14 February 2011 The Shape of Our Hearts

The Shape of Our Hearts

This was a mostly me craft, although Sam did do much of the big heart. This craft is based on the yarn hearts at Family Chic. I didn’t have floral wire and I wasn’t about to buy some, though I imagine it would have been much easier to deal with. Instead I untwisted an old wire hanger (yes, we have loads of hangers and no clothes to hang them on… still waiting for our clothes to arrive from the UK!) and went and asked AC if he had anything that could cut wire.

First he said, “No, it’s on the ship coming from the UK.” Of course.

Then he said, “Oh wait,” and pulled his Leatherman tool out of his pocket. Snip, snip–three pieces of wire to bend. Some old purple yarn that was supposed to be knitted into a baby hat 6 years ago. Three hearts. Oddly shaped, but hey.

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