First Laptop

One of Sam’s regular questions is: “When do I get to have my OWN laptop?”

I finally broke down. Here it is:

Sam's laptop

(Thanks again to No Time for Flash Cards for the idea.)

This is a special design. Sam rejected both the QWERTY and DVORAK keyboard layout in favor of ZYKHJT raised to the Q. Also, notice the space bar on the left side of the keyboard. It has its own happy face button, so you don’t have to bother with shift-semi-colon-shift-zero. And there appear to be two O keys. Because…what’s not to love about the letter O?

Here’s an inside look at the creation of the keyboard:
Keyboard layout

The DVD drive is on the side of the screen:
DVD drive

When I asked her what she was going to watch on her laptop, she replied, “Dirt motorcycle videos.”

Yup. Computers and Motorcycles.

Is there any doubt whose daughter she is?

Sam on MGV

2 Responses to “First Laptop”

  1. caj Says:

    Do any of your craft projects involve music?

  2. MonsterFool Says:

    Sometimes. Sam is fond of “putting on shows” so often something she has made will get incorporated into a “performance.” Music (& singing) is a big part of our daily lives. Send me any ideas you have.

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