130 S’s

On Tuesday we counted 130 instances of the letter S during morning shopping errands. I’m trying the old “letter of the week” theme with Sam and we are starting this week with S. She’s keenly interested in that letter. She may believe on some level that it belongs to her. But it also belongs to Stop Signs and Sale Signs and myriad plural itemS in the aisles of Trader Joe’S.

Later that day we made an S out of macaroni shells and glue.

Glueing macaroni shells

S is for shells

And Thursday we made a sun with yellow paint, a paper plate, and tracings of Sam’s hands, more or less per the instructions of No Time for Flash Cards.

Handy Sun

I’ve created a monSter. While I was reading Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty, Sam kept shouting “There’s an S! And another one!”

The wind blows a plastic grocery bag into our backyard (and not in an artistic “American Beauty” kind of way) and Sam yells, “Mommy! There’s an S on the bag!” Trash courtesy of Safeway.

S’s courtesy of the English language. I’d never before realized how many S’s surround us, slide off our tongues, stumble from our keyboards.

There are 78 S’s in this post (including the title). Guess I’m as bad as my daughter. Oh, if I change that to “Sam” that makes 79! 80 with that tacked on sentence. Now 81! Ok, I’ll stop. 82.

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