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My name is AC Capehart, this is my "Flight Line." For a while I was a student pilot working toward my private pilot certificate. I got nearly 40 hours into it before my flight instructor left for the airlines right around the time I got laid off.

I had been keeping a database that paralleled the log book, but in the many hosting moves I've been through, that got misplaced.

Since the time of my training, general aviation in general has taken a turn for the worse. The flight school I trained at (Blue Ridge Flight Center) is no longer in business and at the local airport, there is only one flight school left: Charlottesville Flight Center at the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO ) in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia from which I have a Master's of Computer Science degree.

I have not yet changed the text on the rest of this site to past tense. Who knows, maybe present tense will become true again and this site will deserve a proper update. In the meanwhile, enjoy what's here.

I'm training (primarily) in a Cessna 152. This particular plane is N-95646. In order to help me memorize the checklist associated with it, I've put it online here as well.

These pages are a way for me to share my flying experiences and information with, well, pretty much anybody that cares (and probably a few people that don't.) At the moment, the site is pretty simple. I've got a few pictures, some links to other flying sites that I like.

I hope you enjoy these pages. If there are links you think I should add, or have any other comments on these pages, feel free to send me some mail at


As a way of disclaimer, even though I attempt to include useful and interesting information here, I am not a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). I am a student pilot. The information included in these pages should only be used for entertainment purposes.

Safe Travels,