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Ten Years

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Tonight (or rather tomorrow) at 12:50AM it will be ten years ago that Sam was born. Happy birthday, Sammy! You’ve grown from such a small baby into a wonderful, clever, beautiful girl. We’re happy that you’ve grown so much (especially after we had such a hard time fattening you up that first year!) but you […]

What Homeschooling Looks Like

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

At least at our house… sometimes. One of the fun things about homeschooling is that it can be so varied. It’s still easy to fall into ruts, but it’s just as easy, really, to mix things up and try new things. Here are some snapshots from the past couple of months showing what Sam’s day […]

Sunday Outing

Monday, January 19th, 2015

It was above 50 degrees outside and since it’s January and since I hadn’t had unfiltered sunlight bathe my skin since, oh, I dunno, sometime last year in 2014, I decided to tag along with AC and Sam to the soccer pitch. And by tag along I mean: make them carry all my stuff while […]

My Fancy Cast and Living in the 18th Century

Monday, January 12th, 2015

A week ago today I traded the splint and bandages for a fiberglass cast. The cast is much lighter than the splint, but very stiff and snug. I often wake up at night with pain in some area of my foot other than the incision site. I suspect it’s just the squeezing action of the […]

31 December 2014 Poetry

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Granddaddy and Sam write poetry on the last day of the year.

29 December 2014 Locks of Love

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26 December 2014 Sorry

Monday, December 29th, 2014

AC, Uncle John, Mom-Mom, and Sam play a game of “Sorry” while my sorry self (still very sick) watches on.

25 December 2014 Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 29th, 2014

24 December 2014 Christmas Eve

Monday, December 29th, 2014

20 December 2014 Greek Salad by Sammy

Monday, December 29th, 2014

The day after my surgery, Sam came down with the flu. Today she was well enough to make me a salad, though, while AC went into work for a couple of hours.

13 December 2014 Old Mill Trail

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Short walk on the Old Mill Trail on a beautiful day.

12 December 2014 Ornament Craft Fair

Friday, December 12th, 2014

When a homeschooling mom organized an ornament craft fair a few weeks ago, I volunteered to bring a craft, and then backed out, feeling overcommitted (3 days till surgery!) When Sam learned that “we” had backed out of the fair, she was horrified. Aghast. And she quickly took matters into her own hands. She devised […]

8 December 2014 Bûche de Noël

Monday, December 8th, 2014

I think that’s what the French Club kids were saying. We were all focused at that point on trying the bûche de Noël that AC, Sam and I made yesterday. Today Sam and I added marizpan champignons and other tree fungi to it (cake pictured bottom right). It was tasty! French Club goes on a […]

7 December 2014 Tool Box

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

After an early Christmas with Grand-mère, Sam is now the proud owner of her very own toolbox. She and AC got to right to work, fixing my food processor.

6 December 2014 Cultured Cultures

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Sam helped her Fermentation class run a tasting booth today at the CHEC winter festival. On offer were several different kinds of fermented vegetables and the class cookbook.

5 December 2014 Angel

Friday, December 5th, 2014

4 December 2014 The Tree

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

1 December 2014 Bonjour, Amis

Monday, December 1st, 2014

How is it December already? Only one more French Class till we break for the holidays and my surgery.

29 November 2014 First Sleepover Away

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Just at Susie’s across the street, but still– a milestone!

28 November 2014 Patches the Shop Cat

Friday, November 28th, 2014

We had two cats lodge in the basement last night. Patches enjoyed AC’s shop.