Typical Conversations at Nearly 2 Years Old

Mom and Sam are walking up to Tassajara playground when they pass a place where there used to be an apple tree.

Sam: Apple tree?
Mom: Oh yeah, it’s gone, honey. They cut it down.
Sam: Sammy cut it.
Mom: Oh you did?
Sam: Yeah.
Mom: What did you cut it with?
Sam: A knife.
Mom: A knife?!
Sam: Yeah, a little knife.

(Nota Bene: Sammy does not have access to knives. She does, however, watch me chop vegetables in the kitchen).

On the way back from the playground, Mom and Sam stop to look for the litter of grey kittens who have taken up residence in a neighbor’s front yard.

Sam: Hi, kitty cats!
Mom: Sammy, how many kitty cats do you see?
Sam: One, two, three, four, five!
Mom: I see one, two, three kitty cats.

One of the kittens starts to wash a paw.

Sam: Kitty cat washing a paw!
Mom: Yes, the kitty cat is washing his paw.
Mom: Sammy, what do you say to kitty cats?
Sam: Camus has a paw.

Be it known, neighborhood cats! Our cat Camus has a paw.

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