21 December 2011 The Tooth Fairy Is Coming Tonight

First missing tooth!

I was all set to post a different photo for today–a really cute one of Sam and longtime friend Trina and her baby sister Tess (hi, guys!) but then after dinner Sam went and lost her first tooth! And I really do mean lost. She was talking animatedly to her grandparents when I thought I saw a larger than usual gap in her mouth.

“Where’s your tooth?”

“I don’t know!”

It was gone. For a few tense seconds we searched around. Finally I spied a thin sliver of white on the floor. Phew! No IOUs for the tooth fairy. We have a proper tooth to offer her. That is, if Sam ever falls asleep. She is so jazzed up, I fear the tooth fairy is going to need a lot of caffeine tonight.

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