20 October 2012 SCBWI Conference

SCBWI conference

I spent nearly all day in this room and only toward the end did my brain reach saturation. Great conference.

Favorite quotes, presented entirely out of context and so they will be meaningless to just about everyone who reads this blog, but oh well:

“Nearly everything is art, but not everything is interesting.” –Daniel Nayeri

“We all worship something… and it will eat you alive.” –Nayeri paraphrasing David Foster Wallace

“Always write better. It shouldn’t get easier. It should get harder.” –Tracey Adams

“Preserve good-telling stories.” –Candice Ransom

“Grit is more important than talent.” –Kathy Erskine

“The world of fiction is filled with matter.” –Flannery O’Connor, quoted by Mary Amato

“The first sentence is the most valuable real estate.” –Nayeri

“Get off Twitter.” –Emily Meehan (meaning, spend your time writing.)

And with that bit of advice, I’ll sign off my blog and get back to work!

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