1 January 2014 Zooming into 2014!

AC scooters into the new year

And also another year of Photo365. It’s kinda like scootering downhill–once you start, momentum (and often gravity) keep things moving on.

In the spirit of keeping things moving, I’ve decided to write a short story every day this month. Too often, ideas drop into my head and I ignore them because I’m supposed to be working on The Novel. The little fledgling ideas then either languish and die, or haunt me. So enter January Short Story Writing Month (#JaShoWriMo… yeah I guess it should be JaShoStoWriMo, but eh, you get the idea.) When I mentioned the notion to the family, Sam said, “I want to do it, too!” (This is how homeschooling often looks at our house). So this evening we sat side by side and each wrote a short story. Only 30 left to go. I fully expect a lot of the stories to be only a sentence or two long by the end of the month. Or maybe by the end of this week.

Here’s to zooming down the hills, finishing stories, and a Happy New Year!

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