End of Photo365

I’m done. I think five straight years of Photo365 is a pretty good run and I am looking forward now to a break. Who knows, maybe Sam will consent to smile for the camera now that I won’t be snapping pics of her everyday? It was an interesting experiment, especially the last couple of weeks of 2014 when I was a) recovering from surgery, and b) recovering from the flu, and c) sleeping all the time. It was a struggle to photograph anything and most often I just went with whatever was right in front of me at the moment I remembered the photo project.

Now I get to see what this blog will turn into next! I hope I’ll include more stories. I’m sure I’ll continue to post photos. I hope, actually, to return to chronicling more of our lives, especially since I am going to be housebound and in a non-weight-bearing cast for three more weeks. I’m sure to get into a lot of trouble…

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