My Fancy Cast and Living in the 18th Century

My Frankenstein foot
A week ago today I traded the splint and bandages for a fiberglass cast. The cast is much lighter than the splint, but very stiff and snug. I often wake up at night with pain in some area of my foot other than the incision site. I suspect it’s just the squeezing action of the cast. About three more weeks and I’ll be free of it!

Sam Sistine Chapel cast
AC sole
But fiberglass makes a nice canvas. Sam went all Sistine Chapel on me and decorated the underside. AC did the sole, and recreated the accessory navicular (reimagined as a heart) and purple stitches on the incision site. My leg feels quite fancy now.

AN heart and stitches

In other news, Sam sewed a doll on a rainy Sunday and today prepared a chicken curry stew for the crockpot with only a little help from me. “Mom,” she said yesterday. “It’s like I’m an 18th-century girl, helping with the cooking and the sewing and making my own dolls!”

Sam makes dinner

Mom has surgery and it’s like we’re living in the 18th century. Just so.

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