The Girl in the Windowsill

Since it’s National Poetry month I’ve been reading Sam the poem of the day posted to, and the poems that children’s book reviewer/blogger Tanya is posting to her website at Today Sam asked to dictate a poem to me and after I’d taken it all down she said, “Now how can we make it so other people can read it?”

Hmm. Now how can we do that? 😉

The Girl in the Windowsill

By Sam

It is nighttime
There was a reflection girl peeking out of the dark window
When a child waved her hand
The girl in the darkest window of them all
Would wave back.

Of course of course
She was a reflection
When everybody was still
And nighttime silent

A tap tap tap was suddenly heard on the door of an opened windowsill
The sound grew louder and louder
As a child advanced
Along the soft carpety floor

Morning had arrived
A sudden twittering of a bird was suddenly heard
Squirrels were chattering outside the new light window
Squirrels were running about
Bears were waking up from the long, cold winter
Pink and yellow flowers were coming up through the velvety grass
Everything was natural and springlike.

Now everything was stirring in the dim light
Balls were being kicked by bears
The playgrounds were opening for kids to play and play
Everything was natural and homelike.

2 Responses to “The Girl in the Windowsill”

  1. alewis Says:

    She is destined for greatness!

  2. MonsterFool Says:

    🙂 Perhaps destined to open a playground for bears?

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