24 April 2010 Holiday Cottage in Pitlochry

Holiday cottage in Pitlochry

Greetings from Scotland! It took us three trains and 9 hours to make it from Brighton to Pitlochry in the Perthshire highlands, but here we are, ensconced in a cute little cottage with WiFi and an electric heater with 1£ coin meter. We do have the heat turned on. But it’s a pleasant chill, and green green all around, and lingering light. I took the above picture at about 8:30PM when we were on our way out to find a grocery store and some dinner.

Going to go collapse into bed now, but here are some picture highlights of our travels:

AC on the London leg

AC on the train from Brighton to London Victoria. A few hours later he would leave his cool hat behind on the train to Edinburgh. 🙁 But he says it was always just a wee bit too small so perhaps someone with the right size head will find it and love it.

Alice in Wonderland

We read the first five chapters of Alice in Wonderland out loud on the London-Edinburgh leg of the trip.



Pitlochry rail station

We alight in Pitlochry.

Craigroyston gardens

The cottage is just up the hill from the town’s main drag. To get back to the street we walk down the garden steps.

4 Responses to “24 April 2010 Holiday Cottage in Pitlochry”

  1. AC Says:

    Technically 4 trains if you count the tube from Victoria to King’s Cross 🙂

  2. AC Says:

    Oh, and the £ coin meter is for all of the electricity – not just the heaters.

  3. alewis Says:

    Do you have to pop a coin in on a regular basis or can you just pre-load it?

    Looks completely charming! How did you choose this particular town?

    Also, 3 trains and 9 hr? That Sam is a trooper!

  4. MonsterFool Says:

    We can preload it to a point. It’s not too bad except that it’s SO much chillier here than in Brighton. I’m wearing long underwear and it’s late April!

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