30 April 2010 The Birnam Oak

The Birnam Oak

I have never before seen a tree with such personality, such sleepy menace, so old, leaning heavily on its crutches, the last soldier standing, who once rumbled up its roots from the earth and lumbered to Dunsinane Hill.

Yes, I know that Birnam wood doesn’t really come to Dunsinane, and that Macbeth, as usual, takes the witches too literally, but still… standing before this medieval tree, I could well believe that were it moved to do so, it could move.

The Birnam Oak

The Oak's Maw


Reaching out

2 Responses to “30 April 2010 The Birnam Oak”

  1. susanryan Says:

    What a fabulous tree! I would not want to fall asleep near that cleft. It looks rather hungry. I love Sam as a wee pink sapling beneath the old oak.

  2. MonsterFool Says:

    Susan, thanks! I told her to pretend to be a tree. After that she peered inside the cleft, started to go in, and then backed away. Wise move, I think. There’s a menace to this tree.

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