18 June 2010 Help Molly

Help Molly

What Sam was writing as she tended to Molly Bear who was mysteriously ill today. Sam is nearly 100% well and got back into playing today with a vengeance. Not sure what the cause of the 3-day fever was, but we’re thankful it’s gone (or that it’s confined to Molly Bear.)

3 Responses to “18 June 2010 Help Molly”

  1. mollybear Says:

    I’m feeling better, actually. Thank you. I had a great night co-sleeping with my mommy and her husband, Dou-dou.


  2. MonsterFool Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, Molly. And thank you for fixing the broken user registration! You are a handy bear.

  3. alewis Says:

    Sounds like you received very good nursing care, Molly. Must be the NHS.

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