About MonsterFool.com

What is a blog? I’m still figuring it out. I started this soon after the birth of my daughter as a way to both participate in the “Mommy blogging” phenomenon and to reflect upon the experience of integrating motherhood and the academic profession. However, not long after, my life took a 180 turn and I left the academic profession and moved across the United States (from Pennsylvania to California) to be a full time Stay-at-Home-Mom, while my husband pursued an exciting new career in the technology industry in San Francisco (Geekopolis. It’s lovely.)

MonsterFool then became a way for me to stay in touch with far-away friends and family, and to document the Daughter, whom I had just taken hundreds of miles away from her Grandparents. Pictures, stories, videos, videos, videos.

We made the decision to homeschool and got involved with the local homeschooling community. At that point, MonsterFool started to become a sort of online refrigerator door: projects, activities, messy art, stories dictated or written by the daughter, funny things she said or did. Stupid things I said or did. I hope that ultimately this blog will chronicle our homeschooling adventure.

Then, after two separate trips to Brighton, UK, which I wrote about at the time, we made the decision to move to the UK for AC’s job. Most of the 2010 entries involve the trials of our emigration, our integration into British life, and observations on British culture. MonsterFool has lately seemed like a travelblog to me, especially given our recent news that this life may be quite short-lived.

I don’t know where we’ll be living a few months from now. I don’t know what this blog will be about. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out, but I expect really that it will always be simply a loose collection of stories that my daughter will read one day. On that day she will either laugh her head off or demand that I remove the blog from the Internet. Quite possibly both.